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What is EAST?


” In EAST  we use different technologies to try to solve problems in the community. 

~ Raychelle Dawson, EAST III


“EAST is where you can get together with others who strive for the same idea to achieve a similar goal. The projects you can do range from art, working with children, and even constructing things of your imagination. .”

~ Amethyst Navarette, EAST IV


“EAST is… a self-directed class that uses projects to work on real-life problems to help the community. .”

~ Laura Knoerr, EAST II


“EAST gives students a sense of control over something like work, giving them a sense of responsibility that they will need to use in their 20s. EAST gives high school students experiences which they will find invaluable while in college.”

-Ian Thompson, EAST II


  Facebook: @EASTatClintonHighSchool

tumblr: clinton-east

instagram: clinton.east