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What is EAST?


” EAST is a class where you can learn just about anything that you wouldn't learn in your normal classes. EAST is a place where the teacher doesn't tell you what to do really. You just lead yourself and learn on your own. But the teacher or your classmates will help you when you are stuck.”

~ Kelcey Bramlet  EAST V


East is a place where you can help the community, do things for others, do fun learning activities to help us learn about how we learn, and how we can make better decisions, east is a place to make yourself better.”

~ Sheldon Lowder, EAST I


EAST stands for Education Advanced by Service and Technology and is an independent program where students are expected to learn hardware/software programs and/or be in a project that helps better their community.”

~Sarah Scroggins, EAST II


I believe that EAST is a self-led class that helps students learn responsibilities, and to learn about the technology around us. Pushing students to get involved in their community, and help others.”

-Titus Johnson , EAST I


  Facebook: @EASTatClintonHighSchool

tumblr: clinton-east

instagram: clinton.east