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eSports Latest News and Updates/Twitter Feed



*** We have a TWITTER Feed now!!!***




Some people had signed up on PlayVS as “Clinton Jr. High” this is not our official school account.  This has been taken care of by PlayVS and they are migrating student accounts all to one school.  Those students should be verified by the end of the day today.  We were not able to get a live stream to Twitch yesterday evening, the problem has been found and will be addressed shortly.  Everything else is in place to be able to stream games live so that Your family and friends will be able to watch you play.  I encourage everyone who wants to play competitively to continue to practice and research Your role in the game, this will be vital for creating a successful team.  The more knowledge of the games everyone has the further we will be able to go in state competition.  

I apologize to the Hobby Club for not being able to attend the meeting yesterday.  I will attempt to attend the next meeting to answer any questions or concerns you have.  I should also have some of the hardware in for you all to see, and give feedback on.  Your opinion Matters!

One concern several people have asked about is about the creation of teams and who will be teammates.  We will evaluate talent through practice and analytics to create teams that fit together.  Please know that I understand Your concern.  I have had leadership roles in Guilds, Clans and Strike Teams, I understand what your friends list means to you in Your games and how that effects your play style, abilities, and confidence in Your characters/role.  I have  friends that I play games with that know my play style and I know almost what they are thinking in any given situation during the game.  This is the type of synergy and trust we want to build for Your team!  I am not kidding when I say I am as excited as anyone about this project!  I have been a part of eSports for a long time before official organized gameplay came into the picture.  Practice is where we will build the bonds between players that will lead to championship caliber teams.  

Thank you all for your continued support! 


Ordered headsets to test with.  Attempting first live stream to Twitch this evening!  



Testing streaming capabilities with Twitch and OBS.  We should have a live feed by the end of this week to put on the official Twitch page.  Getting permissions set for OBS to be able to navigate the school network.  Working on t-shirt design for Esports promo.  Check out the Rocket League match posted in the Esports section of the website!  This is what we are shooting for!!


The phone call yesterday with the PlayVS state representative went extremely well!  We have almost everything we need in place to start competition this fall!  We are currently working on headsets for each player.  The Discord app will be used for all VOIP communications between team members.  Each team will have an alternate for play per PlayVS rules, everyone will be competing for top spots on each team, these will be determined by individual scoring in practice gameplay.  We are setup now to be able to scrimmage with other schools and will be scheduleing our first practice session very soon.  We have added an information section geared towards your parents so that they can learn more about the Esports program.

We will be having a meeting soon that Your parents can attend if they have any questions about eSports.  We will also explain  how they can watch you play your matches.  We will also be handing out permssion slips that need to be signed and returned to us before you can begin training.  Each student will be representing one of each game they choose to play Rocket League, League of Legends, or SMITE.   We are currently working to get headsets for players to use.  We are getting closer each day to making Your eSports team a reality!



This is the vision for Your eSports Lab!  This is what we want to eventually end up with.  I promise each one of you that we are just as excited about eSports as you are and cannot wait to get Your program up and running!  This is a learning process for all of us, but we are working every day to make sure that we can have a successful and rewarding program for the entire student body.  We are looking at a day and time this summer to schedule practices.  Inital thoughts are for Tuesday or Thursday evenings during the week for practice.

esports lab


We have a meeting scheduled with the Arkansas PlayVS representative for tomorrow evening.  We will post a summary of what was discussed in the meeting and any information that we gather will be passed on to you.  As soon as the Esports logo is finished we will have a few contests on the morning announcements that will give students the opportunity to answer a game trivia question and win prizes!  The theme/curriculum for Esports this coming year will be based around the Matrix.  We may change themes each year, this is still undecided.  Continue to follow this page for daily updates about what is going on with YOUR eSports program.




Any students that would like to participate in Esports please register on with your student email so that we can verify you.  Fifteen students have registered and been verified to date.  We may possibly be looking for a student, or students to stream games, maintian social media,and do play by play annoucements for the games.  If this is somthing you would be interested in please email us at

We are working on possible hardware for players to be able to use in competition.  The Logitech G502 SE HERO mouse will be used for practice and varsity gameplay.  If anyone has any suggestions, wants, or visions for your Esports program please email us at  We would love to hear from you!  We will continue to update the page as we receive more information.

logitech mouse1  logitech mouse 2



Added CSDeSports Discord account for VOIP.  Tested SMITE and League of Legends in HS lab with student accounts.  One step closer…

Permissions to use HS lab for Esports in after school hours granted!  Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm! 

lol login  smite login



Twitch account created for game streaming and match reviews.  “Jacketesports” is the account that will be airing the games.


Welcome to the official  Yellowjacket Esports  page!  Follow us for updates about our program upstart.  We will be posting information as it comes to us.  Thank you to everyone for their show of support for this project!  Faculty, staff, and administration have been very supportive of helping bring Esports to our school!  Thank you to all the students for their interest as well.  Please send any questions or concerns to  


Esports Vision

Provide opportunities for students academic growth and scholarships

Promote teamwork

Understanding of game concepts and strategies

Game/PC history 

Online communication skills and concepts

Online Etiquette

Team leadership skills

Basic Computer Hardware Knowledge

Computer Software/Physics

State Championship Teams

Esports will be taught with an academic based curriculum, you will gain knowledge of the game that you choose to play, as well as strategies and tactics associated with your play style and game type.  


We should know something about part of the funding we have applied for by the end of February, once we know this we will go to the school board for approval of this project.  After this we should be able to start structuring teams and games that students would like to play.  Please email us at if you are interested in Esports and have not yet signed up.


  Remember you can be one of the first students to ever compete in Esports for Clinton school district!  Cement your place in history with us!  

morpheus air