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Esports Latest News and Updates


Added CSDeSports Discord account for VOIP.  Tested SMITE and League of Legends in HS lab with student accounts.  One step closer…

Permissions to use HS lab for Esports in after school hours granted!  Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm! 

lol login  smite login



Twitch account created for game streaming and match reviews.  “Jacketesports” is the account that will be airing the games.


Welcome to the official  Yellowjacket Esports  page!  Follow us for updates about our program upstart.  We will be posting information as it comes to us.  Thank you to everyone for their show of support for this project!  Faculty, staff, and administration have been a positive boost for bringing Esports to our school!  Thank you to all the students for their interest as well.  Please send any questions or concerns to  


Esports Vision

Provide opportunities for students academic growth and scholarships

Promote teamwork

Understanding of game concepts and strategies

Game/PC history 

Online communication skills and concepts

Online Etiquette

Team leadership skills

Basic Computer Hardware Knowledge

Computer Software/Physics

State Championship Teams

Esports will be taught with an academic based curriculum, you will gain knowledge of the game that you choose to play, as well as strategies and tactics associated with your play style and game type.  


We should know something about part of the funding we have applied for by the end of February, once we know this we will go to the school board for approval of this project.  After this we should be able to start structuring team and games that students would like to play.  Please email us at if you are interested in Esports and have not yet signed up.


  Remember you can be one of the first students to ever compete in Esports for Clinton school district!  Cement your place in history with us!  

morpheus air