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EAST Student Projects



2018-2019 EAST projects‚Äč


Class of 2019 Senior Video

Our project is to create the senior video for the class of 2019. Usually, senior videos include a lot of pictures and videos of the current senior class of all ages, and we put them together into one big video. The video should represent the personalities of the students and how they changed over times. Our video will also contain an interview of the students in groups, probably just talking and expressing their personalities on film. We also have had the idea of having some of them hold up little whiteboards with the college they are going to after high school, or the career they want to pursue. The students are becoming more cooperative, so we should be able to finish the video before prom so that they can watch it during.”

-Ashlyn Breedlove EAST II, Hope Sykes EAST IV


Jr High Assistance Project

I want to assist students to transition to Jr High and High school by giving presentations on the organization, study habits, and whatever other teachers recommend. We will work with teachers to get times to work with them and their students. I hope to improve the student's grades and the ability to deal with the stresses of school.”

-Isaac Matthews EAST I, Hannah Adamson EAST I


The Van Buren County Bike Trail

We are constructing plans for a bike trail from the Clinton Park to the Honey Hills housing district.  Once we have scoped the best potential pathway; created a visual to aid in presenting this; created an estimate value of costs, benefits, and possible drawbacks; and looked at potential grants the project might apply for, we will present our findings to the city council or the mayor as a future improvement to our community.”

-Amethyst Navarrete EAST IV, Kelsey Bramlett EAST III, Elora O’Neal EAST III, Natalie Tobin EAST III


The Beautiful Project

This project as a whole is called WORTH, it stands for working on reshaping the heart. The reason why we are participating in this is to help people realize they are so much more than what they value themselves. The Beautiful Project is a project that believes in the power of a compliment. We are working on helping everyone around us be more confident with themselves and no matter what the individual thinks they are we see them as beautiful. What we do with this project is we go around getting videos of people we think are beautiful and we get their reaction of us complimenting them.”

-Nova Lott EAST II, India Smith EAST II, Eden Kuykendall EAST I


Internet survey

Our project isn't a new thing for our community. It's a project about our internet service and we are working on trying to have more internet companies to Clinton because our current service it's the only one here so we want changes, for example, better connection, more speed, and better prices.

-Esteban Saavedra EAST I, Stefanie Saavedra EAST I


Veterans Memorial

Our projects point is to show our support for our veterans. We are bringing a fresh look to the Memorial. By adding new bricks, flowers, new benches, and so much more. We plan on talking to the City Council about our project and getting permission and hopefully the supplies we need.”

-Elora O'Neal EAST III, Natalie Tobin EAST III,  Kelcey Bramlett EAST III, Kansas Salvatico EAST II, Carissa Hill EAST II


Narrowing Down Mental Health

Our project is one that talks about mental health. Mostly about anxiety and depression, we want our project to start out with a survey sent out to junior high students which will help us gain statistics on what kids go through every day in their heads. We want to do junior high specifically because we feel that that is around the time when mental health issues start to arise due to hormone overload. We are still discussing where we want to take this from here.”

-Raychelle Dawson EAST III, Jlynn Santiago EAST II, Hannah Robinson EAST I


Fire Maps

I am updating the fire map of the campus and putting them onto one poster in a digital version instead of two posters that have paper glued to them.”

-Hannah Lewis EAST I, Wade Dement EAST III

3D design

“3D Design is an intrinsic project in which I (Tyler Wilson) explore the ins and outs of making models in blender, shipping them to unity, and seeing how the function in a game. This is to teach myself how to make models and other such things for a game I one day hope to make. First, you make a model in blender and apply the sizes so they are sized properly in Unity. Once you've done that you export them and edit their properties. After this step, you then apply the stats like damage, durability, range, cost, Etc. Then comes one of the last steps, you add the sound effects and animations in Unity and bundle the packages for the last time. (This is one of the last steps but there can be more depending on what asset you're making such as a player model, clothes, items, vehicles, weapons, etc). There are Infinite possibilities of what you can make.”

-Tyler Wilson EAST II

Buddy program

The buddy program is where we go down to the elementary and work with the children, and help the teachers do whatever they need help with. We aren't sure if we can do this project quite yet, but we are trying to get it going again. We are planning on going and working on this project about 1 to 3 times a week in EAST class. We think that this could really help the teachers get a break, and also help them there work done faster, this will also help the children get help on their work or projects.”

-Haydi Breedlove EAST I, Sarah Scroggins EAST I, Amber Bothwell EAST I


AETN Basketball

We are making a video for AETN that features our boys and girls basketball teams.”

-Riley Eppes EAST II, Zeb Mills EAST I


Selling Van Buren County

Our project is about trying to help Dale James and his team in bringing businesses into Van Buren County. We are creating a video that explains Van Buren County and the history behind it. When we are finished with this project it will then be transmitted onto all of the social media and the Van Buren County and local websites.

- Nyza Green EAST I, Riley McDaniel EAST I, Jordan McKinney EAST IV


Senior slideshow

Our project is currently the senior slideshow because photo for animals was put on hold while Lori Treat is out. I mostly scan photos and put them on the slideshow. Right now I am working on the slides now that I have most of the photos on it. So I arrange the photos and quotes on the slides.

-Katie Holcomb EAST lll, Kaylei Breedlove EAST  IV


Music World

I am making a world completely dedicated to music. It will be in VR there will be musical instruments that you can play with your hands in that Vr world. So even if you have no musical talent or any way of playing an instrument then you will still be able to play these. I hope to have it open to the whole world sometime before the end of the year this way I can have a new perspective on projects. Hopefully, I can also allow my classmates to use it without breaking it. Because a few of my classmates have a bad habit of breaking things somehow.

-Riley Eppes EAST II


Stream Team

More than 90,000 miles of streams lace The Natural State, from the mighty Arkansas River to small creeks you can jump across. These rivers, streams, bayous, creeks, and springs provide millions of hours of recreational activity, millions of gallons of drinking water, water for irrigation and industry, and millions of dollars of income to the state and its citizens. Unfortunately, we’ve hurt the quality of many waterways. We’ ve lost thousands of miles of free-flowing, natural streams to damming, industrial and agricultural pollution and other activities. Recent studies indicate we’ve lost more than 25 percent of the state’s smallmouth bass streams this century.”

-Grey Gawenis EAST II, Kevin Burgess EAST I, Austin Pruitt EAST I


Floor It

Project Floor It is a VR driver simulator meant to help new drivers get used to the road. It will also allow more drivers to see what it is like to drive in a fun, educational way. I use the Oculus Rift and Unity to create this, and I use a steering wheel and will be using pedals to have as close to a realistic experience as possible. There will be at least two modes: Free Drive Mode, and Distraction Mode. Free Drive Mode is where you can drive around wherever. Distraction Mode is where distractions will be coming at you, and if you fall for it, you crash.”

-Alex Prosser, EAST II Ian Thompson, EAST II